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I’ve been exploring more of the amazing places in St Albans since we started #ShopLocalSaturday – going into shops I’ve never been in before, meeting the people behind the businesses. And today, I strolled along Village Arcade – what a hidden gem that is! And how gorgeous and ornate is it?!  Lovely little bijou shops crammed full of delights – from the deli, to Lariatt Skateboard Shop run by Alex Lovenskate Barton – and it was because of his facebook post on #TUWYDT (Tell Us What You Do Tuesday), and the fact my hubster loves skateboards, that gave me the intrigue to head over that way. Loved it!





Unfortunately, I’d forgotten the SAB magnets (I know, I’m a donut) and Alex wasn’t in when I popped in to say hi, however, I must say I loved that little arcade and the florist at the top had a stunning array of amazing flowers (even though I’m not a flower fan).


A few piccies 🙂 Deffo worth a visit.





I was then off to see Sally Shepherd and the gals at Eve and Adam Day Spa on Catherine Street – another hidden gem of fab shops including the gorgeous Al at The Meating Room, who also does vegetarian burgers – yay! I met Sally over 14 years ago when we had our children and it was then that she launched Eve and Adam – she was heavily pregnant when the shop launched and I was always in awe of how she managed to do it all, especially once her baby arrived. However, 14 years later, Eve and Adam is very much a thriving, established business.


Now I’m not the “beauty” kind, and always felt embarrassed at the make-up counters in department stores, “ooh isn’t your skin dry, ooh don’t you do this, don’t you do that”, so it put me off a bit, but I decided to treat myself to a bit of an overhaul for the hubsters 50th birthday (lucky him) and into Eve and Adam I went for an afternoon of “fun”!


Part of the “fun” was a set of eyelashes! I’ve always fancied a pair and decided to treat myself (as it’s my birthday coming up too), so I was put in the capable hands of Beth, one of Sally’s fab team. I have to say that the beauty industry don’t seem to be given the credit they are due. The responsibility and the art of taking each individual eyelash and adhering it to mine without sticking my eyelids together is quite a talent – and very time consuming too. Beauticians have an art! They have their customers total trust in them, and they HAVE to get it right! There’s no, ooh sorry, that’s not the right dance move, or I don’t like that graphic design you did for me, or I want to return this skirt”, it would be “oh poo, I’ve stuck your eyelids together – oops!”.



So I just wanted to give a bit shout out to beauticians everywhere – especially Sally, Beth, Kayleigh and the team at Eve and Adam, to say that they are talented, skilled, experienced and I am amazed by all the things they offer and can do to give people confidence and as Beth said to me, what she loves most about her job, is helping people to feel amazing!  And boy, do I feel fabulous with these gorgeous lashes – thanks guys – and I will flutter then at my hubster on his 50th!


Tell us about your #ShopLocalSaturday, or any hidden gems or your favourite places in St Albans