My Understanding of SAB Membership by Frank, aged 12

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On my work shadowing day with mum, Sue Wybrow, I was asked to take a look at the St Albans Businesses website and give my feedback. This is what I think:


SAB do events.

SAB tell people what their aims are so they can help with them

Everybody helps everybody.

They tell you what you can accomplish.

More business for SAB members.

How cheap it is to be part of this team.

Telling SABs about events.

The way you are writing seems more friendly as you are speaking informally.

Clearly giving options on what people are looking for.

Getting to know about SABs.


Encouraging people to want to join the facebook page and go to the jellies.

Making the reader feel that you are all one big family, that they can be part of.

It’s open to people that own businesses in St Albans or around it.

I would definitely want to be a member.

I really like the SAB Shop as it is a good way to buy and sell things, it is also a good way to show what your business has to offer.


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