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The Wolf Approach Fitness 6-Week Challenge is back!

Do you feel ready for summer? For hitting the beach, climbing those mountains, enjoying time with your friends and family?

If you are looking forward to some sea and sunshine (much like, ooh, all of us right now?!) but would like to feel a little more comfortable in your skin, my 6-week challenge may just be what you’ve been looking for.

"Loving the workouts, the videos are really helpful at explaining form. The workouts are challenging and keep me motivated to do them,. Plus great to get feedback and tips from a personal trainer!"

Starting on 25 April, this proven course will help you to

  • set achievable goals

  • make small, sustainable changes

  • focus on better habits and understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’

  • feel fitter, healthier & happier

For £99 all in you will get

  • ongoing coach support and accountability

  • full workout programme for home or gym

  • access to our closed Facebook group (strength in numbers)

  • nutrition advice


"Since signing up with the amazing and very supportive Kirsten, I now have that regular accountability to make sure I am progressing and working towards my goal!"

Why Wolf Approach?


“I created the Wolf Approach in 2018 to help my clients achieve their goals, whilst feeling better, happier, healthier and stronger.

The Wolf Approach teaches you to train safely and effectively alone (it’s all about correct technique, Lone Wolf!) but we also enjoy the fun and support of hunting as a pack (oh, alright, training as a group – you get me!).

The 6-Week Challenge is a great introduction for those new to fitness or returning after a break. It’s also ideally suited to people with busy lives, who want to feel better but need training to fit around their schedule, be this at home, at work or in the gym.”

Watch Kirsten’s video where she explains a bit more

The 6-Week Challenge is suitable for everyone! It works around your life, you can do the training where and when suits you, and tick small boxes towards great change along the way. Do as much or as little as works for you and watch positive change happen!

I am happy to share a small selection of recent client feedback below; please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns – I am here to help. 🙂

If you are ready to commit to yourself and rock that beach in ’22, secure your space today by clicking here.

What Our Customers Say:

"It's working for me! Lost 4kg now and have gone from 10:30+ min miles to 9:38 in the space of 3 weeks. I'm really pleased!"

"Feeling the results already - getting stronger and losing centimetres. Was a member of the gym for years. I'm doing much more with this programme and getting quicker results.Highly recommend!"

Let’s do this! Let’s really do this!

I’ve got you and together we can really make this happen

“Kirsten @ Wolf Approach‘s interactive app is a fantastic pocket Personal Trainer. 
It saves me time and tracks my progression. 
It educates me through videos of each move as I go. 
My programme and what exercise move and (most importantly) order of those is expertly curated by Kirsten. 
I have 3 sessions a week to complete and it’s liberating not to have to plan or think what to do!.. 
During each session’s rest breaks I log how I felt and what weights used and reps which means I know for next time how to switch it up. 
The best bit?.. I get expert (and almost immediate!) feedback and encouragement from my coach, Kirsten after each work-out and can also upload videos or photos for her to check form – this is really important to me for preventing injury and getting the most from progressing. 
On this app you have learning, planning, accountability and feedback in one little clever app which I feel will keep me motivated and energised to keep going and most importantly ENJOY my gym workouts. 
I actually buddy up with my teenage daughter on the workouts and we are able to both go at our own pace and offer support to one another – we’re loving it.”

Bren P-K

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