TBC August Challenge

Posted on by Karen Francis & Alison Wildon of LifeWorks

Karen and Alison of LifeWorks fame – take up the TBC August Challenge so we can find out even more about what these clever gals get up to!


What’s your name and what does your business offer?

We are LifeWorks and we help others achieve a Life/Work balance by thoughtfully reorganising their homes and offices to find them more space and create some order in their, often, chaotic lives, so time away from work can be spent doing what they love.

How does your business benefit your customers?

We come as a team and work speedily together so our clients can carry on with their busy lives…we love creating a free cupboard, drawer or just clearing a counter or desk top. We guarantee to find at least 10% more space than they think they have.

What kind of customers are you looking for?

Anyone who is feeling stressed by their home or office – whether it is from too much stuff, or just a lack of organisation, we can help. We have also helped lots of clients prepare for a house move or renovation project, so if anyone is looking to maximise the price they can achieve for their property and the speed of an offer, we have a wealth of knowledge to assist.

What do you love most about what you do?

The best bit for us is the ‘big reveal’ and seeing the joy/relief on our clients’ faces when they see what we have achieved for them.

How can people contact you to find out more?

Either email us:


or via our social media:


Instagram: lifeworks.space