TBC August Challenge – Joolz Joseph

Posted on by Joolz of Joolz Joseph (aka The Virtual Marketeer)

Joolz Joseph of the Virtual Marketeer took up the TBC August Challenge #findingoutmoreabouttheamazingbusinessesinstalbans


What’s your name and what does your business offer?

Joolz! I help business owners and marketing managers develop their email marketing knowledge and brainstorm marketing ideas. I offer:

email marketing training
email marketing consulting
marketing workshops (including inspiration injections)

I also have an online Email Marketing Essentials Course and TBC Members can save 50% using the code TBC50

How does your business benefit your customers?

Improves email marketing knowledge
Help developing email marketing programmes
Marketing Inspiration and Motivation

What kind of customers are you looking for?

Business owners looking for marketing ideas who are not yet ready to employ an agency, but rather want a mentor and motivator either for a one off workshop or ongoing mentoring.

Marketing managers looking to develop their email marketing program and after consulting or training.

What do you love most about what you do?

Empowering and Inspiring clients! I love it when they get an idea or something clicks!

How can people contact you to find out more?

Email hello@joolzjoseph.com or call me on 07956 634 330