Susan Heaton-Wright involved in transformative VR Spinal Surgery Training project

Posted on by Susan Heaton-Wright of Superstar Communicator

Superstar Communicator owner, Susan Heaton-Wright has partnered with a ground breaking Italian VR Training project team.

The training is for spinal surgeons and a VR platform is being developed where surgeons can develop their skills and train in different techniques.

The project is led by spinal surgeon Dr Andrea Luca who is based in Milan. He said “I was lucky enough to have funding from my family to pay for all my training. But I am aware of many talented people who didn’t have access to all training. Also for mothers it is more difficult to access training when looking after children. We are also hoping to make the training platform available to talented surgeons all over the world – particularly in countries where there is limited resources for training”.

Dr Andrea Luca, Spinal Surgeon

Susan is involved in providing consultancy on the learning process; creating the learning journey from preparing students; structuring the content and evaluation afterwards for the maximum impact. Susan said “I am truly honoured to be involved in this incredible project. This is a collaboration that will develop and make a huge difference to the provision of spinal surgery world wide in due course.”

For more information, including opportunities to fund and support the project, or for interviews, please Contact Susan