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We had a chat with Sue from Stepping Out With Carers to find out about their Crowdfunder campaign and the difference that walking with friends makes to carers and those in their care:

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“So we are a charity (STEPPING OUT WITH CARERS CIC) working with NHS in Hertfordshire offering our walks to people with any disability, mental or physical –  and their carers – to lift spirits, raise fitness, create a sense of togetherness & reduce isolation. We are holding our first walk in a year-long series at Hemel this week and plan another in St Albans on Tuesday 13th October at Verulamium Gardens with many more to follow this year and next.

We’ve been around since 2016 and have grown rapidly due to the desperate need for carers and those they care for to have healthy, fun, sociable, rejuvenating days out. Never more so than during this pandemic. They reckoned in 2013 that Hertfordshire carers and those they care for numbered well over 200,000 people but latest estimates suggest the official figure has now surged.

We have just launched a Crowdfunder campaign to fund these walks until September 2021 as a pilot not just for Hertfordshire but for other areas round the country. This, we hope, is the pioneering blueprint. We therefore wondered whether any of your businesses in St. Albans would like to sponsor one of our walks, including the one at Verulamium next month. The details of cost and all the benefits and super video is on our Crowdfunder page here:

We are aware that people will wonder whether walking is safe during the pandemic. It is deemed one of the lowest risk activities. That is why it is classified as an organised sport and we are allowed 30 people in the group which we then split into two: long distance & brisk place/ short distance, slower over easier terrain. We maintain social distance between walkers in their bubbles, we have car bootfulls of sanitiser for every participant, we eat packed lunches which we supply out of doors with wonderful local cafes coming along with teas and cappuccinos. We always check loos beforehand. And we have plenty of volunteers on hand to help.
There is a huge amount of evidence that the health risks of being sedentary and alone for such a long time can be worse for mental and physical health than Covid19 itself. This is why we are asking the local community to help us fund these events to so positively impact very challenged, lonely and sofa-bound lives.
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We have just over 30 days to reach our target, so your offer of help and publicity is absolutely magic. Thank you.
All best,”
Sue Mott
Stepping Out 
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