St Albans Businesses Mini Christmas Fair

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St Albans Businesses Mini Christmas Fair

Here’s how it all went – we had a fantastic time – big big thanks to all those that showed their “wares”, shopped and a big hug to Danny and his amazing team at The King Harry – you rock!!



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Those that exhibited:



There are many amazing businesses in St Albans and we know there are lots of them that make and offer fantastic Christmas gifts too!


Come and join us on Thursday 17th November at the King Harry Pub and showcase your amazing wares and give the rest of us an opportunity to buy our Chrimbo pressies locally.  Or simply come along and do your Christmas shopping early!


FREE to SAB website Members to showcase

£15 to non members to showcase

FREE to attend and shop – please email us at to let us know if you can come along (just so we have an idea of numbers)


Breakfast and drinks available to purchase at The King Harry – yum!


There will be limited showcase places due to space at The King Harry.  PLUS the SAB Jelly will be going on in the snug – so you will already have an audience there – plus we will open the invitation to all SABs and members of the public.


Set up will be from 9.00am – public invited from 9.30-11.45am and packing away by midday as that’s when the pub needs to have it’s tables back – apart from in the snug!


Pay below if you are not a SAB website member and want to showcase (or take a look at our membership options!)

Or if you are a SAB website member and want to showcase, simply email us at to book your place