Spot the TBC Window Sticker

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So, you may not yet have spotted a TBC Members Window Sticker?

Here’s what it looks like –

So, if you are a TBC member, get your TBC Members window sticker up in your car or your office or your shop. And feature the TBC digital “sticker” on your website.

If you spot a TBC window sticker or digital sticker, take a photo (please try to leave car reg out of any shots)

Post the piccie in the St Albans Businesses facebook group, twitter @TBCStAlbans on instagram @stalbansbusinesses #TBCWindowStickerSpotted and the “spotter” and the “window sticker or website featurerer” will go into the “hat”

Of the piccie picked out of the hat – a piccie “spotter” and “featurer” will win a prize!

The excitement never ends!

If you are a TBC member but haven’t yet got your TBC window sticker or TBC Members badge – give us a shout at 🙂