So how was it for you?

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So how was it for you?


Mary Doyle, aka MC Doyle of Rocket Girl Coaching Fame, tells us what it was like visiting the St Albans Businesses/My Mustard "Where D'ya Wanna Be In 2018?" event last week….


"Last week I attended the Where D’ya Wanna Be In 2018 event at the Mercure Noke in St Albans, and it was not what I expected. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting given it was my first one, and it was way better than I could have hoped for.


Sue Wybrow and June Cory from SAB and My Mustard



Our fabulous hosts were St Albans Businesses (Sue Wybrow and support SABs!) and MyMustard (June Cory), and they gave it their all and then some.




It was wonderful to wander the pop-up stands and put faces to the businesses I see contributing in the facebook groups. It was busy but good busy, I didn’t get to speak with everyone but I certainly made a dent in the number of people I was super happy to meet in person.

I had a lot of interesting and short chats, and it was a great opportunity to practice my 60-second pitch, once I realised that networking and chatting was a big part of the event (and not a static, sitting with a presenter all day affair).

All of the needs of a small business owner were met in the gazebo, including personal assistants, printers, photographers, marketing, IT support, SEO gurus, business bankers (I was so happy I got to geek it for a while talking about electronic payments, my previous life), wellbeing specialists, legal, videographers, office space providers and technical training.

Kim Bradford – Sphere HR

And the short presentations were perfect to give you the essentials on the chosen topics. For me, my mission was to learn more about GPDR (thank you, Kim Bradford), email communications from Joolz (who crushed her gig in a top hat), Facebook changes from Digital Jen and Google/SEO, big thanks to June and Sue for reminding us that business is serious but you can still have a serious giggle doing it.



Sue Wybrow – SAB and Neil Barrass-Smith, Will Protect and Trust


The best thing about the SAB group for me is that people are being themselves and not trying to be a corporate crone. Introverts and extroverts are welcome.





My Mustard Goodies

And if all of this good company and knowledge sharing was not enough, there were chocolates on multiple stands. Yes, I can be bought with chocolate, brownies, free notepads, a phone charger, and a jaunty tote with a year planner.




Alice Barnes – ABC Image

As I said, it way better than I had expected. When I left I was super motivated that being a sole/soul trader is doable (even with the ups and downs, and occasional self-doubt that even a coach can experience) and certainly, the team makes the dream. I can’t wait for the next gathering."







Mahooosive thanks, Mary for taking the time to tell us "how it was for you" – woo hoo!

Mary can be found helping others get past their own challenges and find exciting new directions, make brave choices, and succeed in new roles –







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