SEO Audit for £25!

Posted on by Jon Salinger of Darcy-Salinger Consultancy

Why it is important to do an SEO Audit on your website?
What is an SEO Audit? An SEO audit will look at a number of elements on your website and check for any issues. It’s about looking at the entire picture and not certain elements. The sort of things in an SEO audit should include are

– Technical Audit
– On-Site Audit
– Image Optimisation
– Backlink reporting
– Landing Page SEO
– Page Speed
– Rank Tracking against provided keyword/search terms
– Google Analytics setup and tracking

What should an audit contain? The audit should be a report which explains what the issues are, if any, on your site. It should not just be a technical detailed report provided, there should be a human element to it. I also provide a website review where I will critique a site for feedback which some other audits do not offer

It is up to you as to whether you wish to act on any issues that may be in the audit, and that is totally your decision but there is no harm in having an audit done. It gives you piece of mind!

If you are interested in having an audit done, I am currently doing Full SEO audits for £25 –

Those that have had them done on their site can vouch as to how insightful they have been