Saving Money In Your Business

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Isn’t trying to save money boring?

But when we work so hard to bring money in, why do we put money-saving opportunities to the bottom of the “to-do” list?

For many of us it’s the “it’s too time consuming” thought

Or the “it’s going to be too painful to look at other ways of doing what I’m doing”

Or the “I don’t actually believe I can save money in my business”

But you most probably can!

In fact, Nic Rutherford, who created UK Business Buddy 6 years ago, started the business to do just that! To help small businesses to get better rates on the services that they have.

Nic has found that he has been able to save businesses literally thousands of pounds on things like their card payment systems such as chip and pin machines, e-commerce gateways and payments over the phone.

Nic works with the major players in the market including Barclaycard, Lloyds, HSBC, First Data and Santander. They effectively buy wholesale prices and pass on the savings to their clients.

But the thought of changing payment systems just fills us with dread but we also know that we’d love to cut the costs of what we pay out on the hard earned money we bring in. That money could be spent on a fabulous holiday, or days out with the family, or even reinvested back into the business!

So surely it’s worth booking a quick coffee with Nic to find out whether he can save your business money, and how seamlessly he can do it for you.

There’s No Pain, but there is definite Gain!

Email Nic at to get a coffee or a sparkling elderflower water in the diary 😉

Nic can also help with Commercial Energy, EPOS and business funding. Nic works with over 500 lenders as well but the fabulous thing is that UK Business Buddy is totally independent – so Nic and his team can find the right solutions for YOUR business.

And, if Nic doesn’t think he can save you any money, you’ve had a nice coffee or a sparkling elderflower water with a nice chap! 😉