Radio Verulam Opportunity

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Jez Dutton has started a slot on Wed nights from 8-10pm on Radio Verulam.

During ‘The Evening Sessions’ Jez will be talking to people from the area with “Startups and Side Hustles”.

This means he is very keen to talk to you if you have such a business and would like to share what you are doing, what motivated you, what challenges you and what you have learnt.

Ultimately though it should be a business under 3 years old and\or something you are doing as a venture alongside a full time career or juggling parenting or all of it.

Right now it is pre-recorded so you won’t be panicking in a studio thinking up answers on the spot(!) and Jez is not going to do a Paxman on you. All friendly.

If this sounds up your street and you are up for a chat then drop Jez an email on and he’ll get back to you asap.