Over 2,278 people can’t be wrong…

Posted on by Peter Barker of Big Buzz Solutions


‘Giving back’ to the community is an important part of any businesses journey and we strongly believe in doing our bit to help and support local people and other local businesses as part of our own business journey.

So, when we came up with the idea last year of creating a unique free ‘Community App’ for the people and businesses of Harpenden, we never really knew if it would take off or not.

Well, today over 2,278 local people (that’s over 13% of people aged 18-64 in the town) have answered that question and now have ‘The Harpenden Guide’ Community App downloaded and on their phone!

In five months this has gone from a fun idea to support the local community and local businesses to something which is now having a great impact locally so today we’ve published some fun facts on the journey so far!

Just goes to show what can be achieved if you put you mind to making something a success. 🙂