OnBrand – the Lockdown Lowdown

Posted on by Emma Thompson of OnBrand Marketing Agency

It has been a busy few weeks at OnBrand marketing agency, so grab a cuppa and we’ll tell you what we’ve been up to.

Mid-March: retailer crisis averted

A large number of our retail clients went into crisis mode as schools suddenly closed, shoppers were told to stay home, and the government re-defined what ‘essential shopping’ looked like. As we manage nationwide in-store announcements, social media channels and websites, our team got busy launching a whole new Live Chat service, designing social distancing floor stickers, recording thank you messages and updating store opening information on a twice daily basis.  The public needed to understand a completely new way of shopping: where to stand, how to get access to medicine, and it was our job to turn this all around super quickly.

End March: creating reassuring content

As soon as shopping centres started to understand their role, there was a new requirement for reassuring content across channels.  Some announcing temporary closure, others partially closed, but many offering essential food and medicine and finding themselves actually busier, having to take on extra security to help manage queues and special opening times for NHS staff and key workers.  We interviewed store managers, thanked cleaning staff and posted regular updates to help shoppers understand that measures were in place to visit safely.

Early April: supporting shoppers & businesses at home

Once again, a new realisation: the open retailers were settling into social distancing but the closed retailers now needed support with online or takeaway trade they had re-purposed to deal with the crisis. Food outlets offering vegetable deliveries, gyms posting fitness tips online, Argos and Superdrug promoting home gym equipment and Joe Wicks championing the daily #stayinworkout. We continued to write comforting newsletters, helpful blog articles and sensitive social media posts, allowing everyone to adjust to the new normal of working from home, keeping kids busy and staying healthy.  Local businesses also got in touch looking for help diverting efforts into online, and we had some great chats (with lots of actions!)

Mid-April: keeping in touch & planning ahead

None of us know when ‘normal’ will return but we are seeing clients start to plan their marketing activities again.  We have set up a number of competitions this week to win gift vouchers to spend when shops open again. Branded colouring in illustrations are a simple OnBrand initiative for businesses to keep in touch, say thank you and leave a reminder on a fridge or window. We have had some fun writing a Valentine’s Day case study using Whitney lyrics and today been briefed on new marketing activities for National Superhero Day on 28th April, VE Day on the 8th May, Father’s Day on 21st June. All raising a positive note and showing that business is still out there to be found.

Which takes us up to today. After a really productive online Jelly this morning (thanks Sue – my action was to update the OnBrand profile and write a news story!), we just wanted to remind all TBC-ers that we’re here to bounce any ideas off, help you with any website, social media or brand queries, or simply to have a chat. #wereallinthistogether #staysafe.