New Food Ordering System & App launched for local food outlets

Posted on by Big Buzz SOlutions of Big Buzz Solutions


With all of us once again in the grips of a full national lockdown, the opportunity for local restaurants, takeaways and food delivery outlets to grow their business has never been greater.  Demand for their products being delivered to customers’ homes has soared and those entrepreneurial business owners who recognise this will be jumping on the food delivery bandwagon to grow their market share locally.

On the back of that, we’re delighted to launch our unique Food Ordering System and App that can literally halve the costs local businesses may be paying to other more mainstream apps (such as JustEat and Deliveroo) by creating their very own bespoke food ordering app for their business.

And we guarantee that it’ll save you money too…

To find out more about this exciting initiative take a look at our latest post on this to see how this can help you grow your restaurant, takeaway or food delivery business during this time.

Full details on our unique food ordering apps and systems can be viewed on our website too.  If you wish to hear more then simply call us on 01727 537197 or drop us an email to