Marketing For Your Business in St Albans!

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Yep, that’s right! Incredible marketing for your business in St Albans and the surrounding areas!!

As a member of The Businesses Community St Albans – there are tons and tons and tons of ways to market your business!

And, if you don’t have the time, the inclination or the man-hours to do it – we can help you there too!


So – where’s a good place to start?


Always at the very beginning as Julie Andrews would say!


Is your business profile on The Businesses Community St Albans website?

Does it have a fab picture showing your logo, or what you do?

Does it have a fab picture of you, or your team?

Does it feature all the categories of things that you want to be found under?

(you can have up to 10 categories, AND we can create specific categories for your business as well!

Does it tell people the benefits of working with you?

Does it tell people the kind of clients that you want?

Do all the links to your social media accounts work?

Does it link to your website?

Does it feature a video?


If not, take 2 mins to update or create your perfect business profile – tell us when it’s done by emailing and we will then share it via our wide social media audience – currently of 7,500+ – how easy is that!


Not only does it give you immediate exposure (definitely worth the £99 Get Started Package alone!) but it also gets your business in front of people looking for services such as yours. As well as getting in front of people who may know potential clients for you, and also people who you may well benefit from collaborating with!


Simple! Job Done!


We all know with marketing, that it’s consistency that wins! There’s really no point posting once, and then never again. We want to see you, hear you and know more about what your business does – so that we all (including other TBC members), can recommend you, connect you and support you!


Now this is going to be a long post – but it’s soooooooooo worth having a read and we may well do an audio version too! Hey, we may even turn it into a video!


So what next?


Many of you have told us that you don’t like to “blow your own trumpet”, or don’t know what to post, or don’t feel comfortable on social media. So we created “Daily Themes” to give you posts to engage with – even if it’s just joining in the conversation, or getting stuck in to the challenges.


Only TBC members are permitted to promote their businesses within our facebook groups – so we have some “members only” themes in our TBC members only facebook group, as well as some daily themes for the St Albans Businesses group.


We will also try to clear up any confusion as to why we have two facebook groups.


We have the St Albans Businesses facebook group which currently has over 4,000 members – it is a group for businesses and the community in St Albans – it’s where we chat about business, about events that our members are running, where we ask questions to stimulate conversations, where our members can promote what they do, where we will promote what our members offer. It’s a larger community. It’s also one of the places we post things that you feature on our website!


The TBC St Albans Members Only facebook group is for TBC members only! It’s more engaged, more active, more supportive, and you can try things out on a smaller group, ask for feedback etc. and if you want to offer something to members only first, this is the place.


If you want to post in both groups – feel free – but we would suggest that you post at different times of the day, and perhaps tweak your post a bit. Many of us are in both groups and people don’t want to see the same post posted in tons of groups!


So here are the daily themes for the St Albans Businesses group to encourage interaction, learning more about each other and supporting each other. Only TBC members can promote their businesses!

You don’t have to take part in all of them, or any of them – they are simply there to help you to consistently get your business out there – without being “salesy”:


#MagnetMoments – post a piccie of your TBC magnet at your place of work, with a product or service, with your team, or with another business, or simply when you are out and about. Add a link to your website and post on any social media platform with #MagnetMoments and tag us in and we will share! All fab exposure and you get to show people more about you and your business


#MondayMusings – We ask peoples thoughts on things and they come up with ideas too – i.e. are you going to set yourself a challenge this week, or have you planned what you want to achieve by Friday, or what do you think of social media, or what do you think to different accounting packages etc.

This leads to lots of engagement


#TuesdayTips – can you share a tip to help another business, or something you’ve learnt, why not post your tips on the TBC website etc.


#WednesdayWakeUp – are you focused, are you getting distracted from your goal, are you on target – etc etc. Or what would you like to focus on this week, could be a subject, or an idea


#ThursdayTeamwork – what businesses in the group could you team up with, what kind of businesses would you benefit from working with etc


#FridayFocus – have you stayed focus on what you wanted to achieve this week, have you got a plan, how do you focus etc. or focus today on
‘Accounting’ or ‘Marketing’ and ask for tips on these topics


#ShopLocalSaturday – post something that we can buy from you online – if you are a Get Out There member, feature one product or service in the shop and we share on social media!


#SundayFunday – we like to get to know the people behind the businesses – people buy from people – so this is sharing a bit of what we get up to when we are not working – or if we are working on a Sunday


We also have 2 extras for TBC members only:


#TUWYDT – Tell Us What You Do Tuesdays – where you can post in either facebook group and tell us more about what you do – this could be a simple “Hi, my name is Sue Wybrow and I run Popdance World, where we teach people of all ages and abilities fun dance routines to Pop music”, or it could be photos, or it could be a video, or it could be a facebook live! Woo Hoo!


#TUWYWT – Tell Us What You Want Thursdays – how can we help you? What do you want? It could be an intro to a particular business that you want to work with, it could be feedback, it could be collaborations – simply tell us all what you want, and you never know what magical things may happen!




We’ve also introduced a monthly “marketing theme” for those that want to get even more exposure for their business. Again, it’s another way to give you ideas on how to get your business out there.

January’s marketing theme is:

“5 Questions We Asked A St Albans Business”

Simply email us with your answers to the questions below and we will feature on the TBC St Albans website and share via our wide audiences of 20,000+

FREE to TBC members

£99 to non members (and includes 1 years Get Started membership!)

Don’t forget to send us your web address so we can link back to you (all helps with SEO for your website) and ideally your logo and a photo of you and/or your business 

1. What made you start your own business?

2. What does your business offer it’s customers?

3. What kind of customers are you looking for? Are there any types of businesses you’d like to collaborate with?

4. What’s the toughest part of running your own business?

5. What piece of advice could you give to another business owner?

Let’s get your businesses out there!



PLUS, did you know that when you join TBC, we will take a look at your social media and often share via our social media – giving you an even bigger audience!



Well, we think we’ve given you enough to be going on with for now! There’s even more you can do as a Get Out There member, which we will write another blog about soon.


As we mentioned at the start, if you don’t have the desire, inclination or man-hours to get involved, we can do it for you – you can simply send us the info and we will upload to the website and share for you, or we can write content for you – find out more by clicking on the live links.


If you have any queries about joining the TBC Team (for just £99 per YEAR!), or if you want to know how to make the most of your membership, or if you are just confused and overwhelmed with all the amazing, incredible support and help you get – just give us a shout –


Or if you are not yet a member, and want your business to benefit from all this additional support – come on in – join here