Lockdown Life in St Albans Exhibition

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Lockdown Life in St Albans is currently being exhibited in St Albans Museum + Gallery from the 17th May -4th June 2021. This unique exhibition shows a snapshot of the local communities’ experiences in their own words and how they coped with the lockdowns.

This exhibition, although initiated by a public resident Joanne Ling, was made possible with the support of and collaboration with Sarah Keeling & Catherine Newley from the St Albans Museum + Gallery, Claire Toms, Louise Barnes, Preet from St Albans Rainbow Trail and Nic from St Albans Rocks. The exhibition was also supported by Nic Madge who runs the Pandemic Portraits and Chris Blanch (Arts Officer).

It is an exhibition not to be missed and encourages local residents to also participate by either bringing painted stones to help build a trail within the exhibition space or drawing/writing your experiences on the ‘Lockdown Life’ template which you can download here.

These drawings/writings will then be displayed and be part of the record for future generations to view on how we, as a community, experienced this historical pandemic.

Link of the event for more information Lockdown Life in St Albans | St Albans Museums