Local St Albans Businesses benefit from 3D Virtual Tours & Google Street View inside

Posted on by Jo Smiley Hailey of Striking Places Photography

What's everyone so excited about?
St Albans businesses are taking full advantage of having their very own award winning Google Trusted Photographer living right in St Albans and being part of The Business Community. Jo from Striking Places provides photographic services that produce amazing 3D virtual tours as well and Google Street View inside that really showcase location based businesses and encourage people to visit in person.

Cositas | Holywell Hill
Emma Bustamante is "so pleased with the 'dollhouse' view" of her beautiful home interiors and gift shop, Cositas, on Holywell Hill. Added to the tour Emma describes how "Jo and I worked together to create hotspots too. You can see the time-lapse video of me painting a wardrobe, with our fantastic acrylic paint, if you 'virtually' take a wander through to the workshop and click on the hotspot".

"As well as the whizzy amazing 3D virtual tour (above) I've also got Google Street View inside (below). This tour is actually on Google Maps so people from all over the world can view it. It has already been viewed over 2,500 times, since it was published, just over a month ago. My digital marketing has taken huge bounds forward with this incredible tech!"

EYES on St Albans | The Quadrant
Jez Levy is delighted with his 3D virtual tour and is excited to be deciding where to place his hotspots so they max out the SEO potential of his virtual tour. Jez is keen to show off the well known, quality, eyewear brands displayed in his delightful shop.

EYES on St Albans truly brings The Quadrant, St Albans, to life with its designer presence and the 3D virtual tour is the perfect way to showcase our offering and entice people to visit. It's a real no-brainer to shop at The Quadrant as there's plenty of parking and it's FREE for up to 3 hours.

Jez is also delighted to be featuring on Google Maps (below). Jez says "As a relatively new business this is the perfect way to get seen by more of the local community. The EYES on St Albans Google Street View inside has only been up for a couple of months and already I've had over 5,000 views! How's that for coming up more easily for my search terms?!" Jez also says "If you LOVE this idea and want to have it for your business contact The Smiley One!" Thanks Jez!! 🙂

Some other St Albans businesses loving their 3D worlds include:
Beer Shop | London Road

Netizens | London Road

Would you like your own 3D virtual tour? Call Jo today on 07966 086133 or email TBC@strikingplaces.com