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Hi All

Well the summers been a quiet time for me but then it normally is a quieter time; there are no training courses, people have their beach bodies or hope they do, people are too stressed dealing with the summer holidays to actually deal with their stress and generally businesses are taking a back seat.

That gave me a chance to take some time out, recharge the batteries, and get things sorted generally. Fortunately there were some nice sunny days so opportunities to get out and about.  My cute little bundle went on a boat for the 1st time and eventually liked it!

But then September starts and it’s like the sleeping spell has been lifted 😊

Next week I start training NLP practitioner courses again, although it’s too late to book onto that course, there’s another in November. Learning NLP is a great way of improving yourself and your communication skills even if you don’t want to become a coach. Details can be found on


Now is the time to focus on the next 3 months leading to the “C” season and into 2018, boy doesn’t the time fly by. It’s time to be reviewing this year, what worked, what didn’t and what can be done differently. It’s the time now to be putting those ideas in to actual goals and actions so you’re ready to fire into action come January

I have an offer for any SAB, of a 25% discount off any package booked before the end of October, so whether there’s something in your personal life you’d like to change, or you want to review  and get the business ready for 2018, take me up on my free consultation and see how I can help

My goal is to actually get to a Jelly or Social this year and meet as many of you as I can

Have a good month peeps