Latest Facebook Changes – “It’s All About The Groups”

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Facebook Changes – “It’s All About The Groups”


We chatted with the very talented “Mrs N” aka Lisa Nichols about the latest Facebook Changes and how it’s going to affect us as business owners.

“It’s all about the groups”, Lisa tells us. Engage regularly in facebook groups, start your own facebook group if you feel it’s right for your business, or resurrect any dormant groups you have.

By engaging, providing relevant and useful content and input, regularly WILL make a difference to your business!

We’ve been harping on about it for 5 years now! Getting your business out there is all about consistency and “turning up” and the beauty of facebook groups is that you can do that online! In no time at all!

So what are you waiting for?

Join the St Albans Businesses facebook group

If you are a TBC member, join our TBC Members Only Facebook Group

And also join Lisa’s Nichols Facebook group – Social Butterflies Gang which is all about Facebook and Instagram Marketing