Is Your Gym Marketing In A Fit State?

Posted on by Peter Barker of Immersive Walkthroughs & Big Buzz Solutions

We’ve been out this week creating a unique 3D virtual tour for Gymtro in Markyate to help them promote their premises and up their game to attract new members.

It’s always interesting when a business approaches us to discuss how a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour could be used to help market a business rather than just being approached because people like the ‘wow’ factor that a 3D virtual tour provides!

Of course, 3D virtual tours do have that amazing ‘wow’ factor, but they are so much more than just a clever bit of technology.  And when the business owner looks at using these 3D tours as a wider part of the marketing mix for their business they really maximise the value it can create.

Our 3D Virtual Tour Vital Statistics highlight some of the wider benefits that businesses can gain from using 3D virtual tours in their marketing.   Whether it’s keeping people on their website longer, increasing the number of views a page gets or embedding the tour onto social media channels the real value is in the marketing benefits it provides.

And it’s the really smart business owners that recognise this important fact.

So, whilst we love working with all business owners, it’s the ones who leverage their 3D virtual tour to maximise the return they get from it via their marketing that stand head and shoulders above many of the others.

So, if you’re looking to create a 3D virtual tour for your gym, or any other business for that matter, think beyond the fact that it will just create a ‘wow’ factor. ‘Look wider’ to recognise the bigger picture and understand just how this can really help you up your marketing game to promote your business.

If you embrace that thought, your business will lead the way, win more customers and be so much more than just a ‘wow’ factor to potential clients. Contact us to find out more –