Why I’m In Love With My Business!

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I always wanted to be a writer when I was younger!  From one of my first stories “Stranded in the Snow” when I was in secondary school, to the trashy chick flick novel that’s gathering dust in the drawer from when I started it near on 17 years ago!, I should certainly be making more of that love of writing!


So, I suddenly felt compelled to write on this gorgeous Valentines Day about why I’m in love with my business!


A brief summary and then how about a Top Ten of reasons for loving it?!


I never set out to run my own business! I never wanted a career! I simply wanted to earn money and live a fab life!


Leaving school at the age of 16, I was straight into work at Midland Bank, Baker Street London, and thought I was the richest gal in the world when I got that first paycheck!  £356 I believe it was! I had such a blast working there – like-minded, similar aged newbies like me, great social life, and I loved the buzz of the city.  However, after 2.5 years there, I had no ambition to further myself in the banking world – I had no desire for Management, so, completely changed direction and went to work in market research.


Loved it!  Living the highlife in my early twenties, working with the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, BMP and GGT on fascinating projects such as piles creams, Antiques Roadshow and Castlemaine XXXX, I think it gave me the flavour for marketing and advertising and I had such fun during those 6 years – money was a plenty, social life was fab and loved the fact I got to drive my boss’s cars too – result!


My next venture was at Warner Bros. International TV – working on the Warner Channel (which didn’t end up coming to fruition due to the purchase of Boomerang), but it was a very interesting 9 months – discovering Superman, ER and that little show you may have heard of, Friends!


Next came Esteé Lauder – bit of temping there for a week, I think when I asked “does this stuff really work?” I knew beauty wasn’t the road for me 😉


Moving rapidly on, I landed a fab role as a Director in a marketing company in North London – which is where I met my gorgeous hubster.


So, what has all this got to do with why I’m in love with my business?


Well, just rambling on really – bit of background as to where my craziness has come from – and here we go with the Top Ten of business luuuurve:


  1. I get to do what I want!
  2. I get to procrastinate
  3. I get to be pro-active
  4. I get to work in my pyjamas
  5. I get to decide on my own future
  6. I get to make it happen
  7. I get to make tons of new friends
  8. I get to socialise
  9. I get to learn something new every day
  10. I get to be with my kids
  11. I get to be with my parents and in-laws – they pop in for coffee
  12. I get to dance like Justin Timberlake
  13. I get to collaborate with amazing businesses
  14. I get to work the hours I want to
  15. I get to give myself and my family an amazing future
  16. I get to take the day off if it’s snowing and I want to go sledging
  17. I get to work from anywhere in the world
  18. I get to work with AMAZING people
  19. I get satisfaction
  20. I got it!


Ok, I lied – so 20 reasons – I could go on – but I’m now off to have a glass of sparkles with my gorgeous hubster this Valentines Day! I know I’m a lucky gal, but I also work very hard in my business and I know that it’s going to take me where I want to go – you coming with me?