How To Boost Your Websites’ Ranking Quickly and Simply

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How To Boost Your Websites’ Ranking Quickly and Simply – by Cheryl Luzet of Wagada


Life can be hard in business especially during this current climate! But there are lots of things you can do to help your business in these very strange times.

Trying to raise your visibility on the internet can be a daunting prospect when you have big dreams and a small budget. To get a good ranking on Google, you need to have a domain name that has gained some authority, a professional website with high speed hosting, lots of juicy content, links back to your website from other relevant sites and more!

Search engine optimisation these days is about brand building, but when you run a business, especially if it is fairly new, your brand footprint will be relatively small.

That’s where TBC (The Businesses Community) comes in! Imagine a world where lots of companies join forces to reinforce the authority of the website, to create content and generate a buzz. All these companies also post content on joint social channels and together they become an audience of individuals who all share a common goal – to build the brand of local companies.

Working as a team, we are stronger than when we are alone!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

“None of us is as smart as all of us. “ ~ Ken Blanchard

TBC allows you to publish your content, feature your brand and get your messages out on social media. The website already receives targeted traffic and ranks on Google, and the social channels have an army of avid followers, meaning that you can expand your reach as someone else has already done the hard work!

You still need your own website or facebook page, but the TBC site allows you to direct traffic to your site and build your brand – two things that are important to Google.

You can post articles and content on TBC (if you have bronze membership and above or get an add on), and then link back to your website. Links are a key part of search engine optimisation – Google wants to identify a website’s sphere of influence.

If you have a lot of links from external sites pointing back to your site, Google can see that people are interested in what you say and what you do and therefore considers your website to be more authoritative.

Google also looks at where you get links from to work out where you are based. If you have lots of links from St Albans-based websites, it will believe that you are based in St Albans and you will rank better for searches that contain the phrase ‘St Albans’, such as ‘plumber St Albans’ or ‘copywriter St Albans.’ These sorts of searches are really valuable to businesses, as they are relatively easy to rank for and can bring qualified leads.

People searching for a location-based phrase are further down the conversion funnel than someone doing more of a general search. A search for ‘yoga’ brings up lots of videos and info on how to do yoga, whereas a search for ‘yoga St Albans’ will list yoga studios and teachers based in St Albans – as these searchers tend to be people who are looking to try out yoga somewhere in St Albans. These searches are much more relevant to you if you’re offering yoga as a service.

So don’t delay, feature your business, blogs, products, services and expertise on the TBC website! Be part of this growing network of local businesses who support each other, so we can all achieve more.

Find out more about TBC, their members and how they support and help businesses here

If you have any questions or queries about boosting your website or if you need any advice during this worrying time – do get in touch with us at Wagada