How to be a SuperStar Communicator

Posted on by Susan Heaton-Wright of SuperStar Communicator

During the last 18 months – when we’ve largely been in lockdown, we have been busy delivering virtual workshops and coaching to attendees from over 60 countries on a variety of spoken communication skills. But we’ve also been busy filming a short film on how to be a SuperStar Communicator!


We train individuals and teams to make an impact; be noticed; influence and speak with clarity and confidence in ALL business conversations. Whether you are in a one to one conversation or public speaking to hundreds of people, the SuperStar Communicator empowers you to have presence and credibility when you speak.


We offer a range of existing virtual and face to face workshops; bespoke workshops; coaching; masterclasses; lunch and learn speeches and e courses. Many are CPD accredited. These all lead to increased confidence when speaking but also more efficient working in teams whether they be face to face or virtual.

If you would like you and your team to be SuperStar Communicators book a call to discuss how we could transform your spoken communication skills.