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It’s a long one, but definitely worth reading!

St Albans Businesses To Benefit From Peer2Peer Investment in The Businesses Community

We mentioned that there are exciting changes afoot at TBC and with it, some very exciting opportunities for our members and businesses in the area.

St Albans resident John Acton, Co Founder and CEO of Peer2Peer, an organisation which provides Board level support for SMEs, is investing in The Businesses Community (TBC).

Founded by Sue Wybrow and with over 5,500 businesses in the TBC Community, all St Albans and Herts based businesses, joining forces with Peer2Peer will strengthen the TBC offer!

One of the new strengths being added is Peer2Peer Club, which will offer a vast range of support, ideas, skill building and advice to help St Albans businesses to grow.

John Acton, formerly MD of DPD Europe and currently Managing Partner of award winning consultancy DPI-Europe says:

“Our passion is to build an inclusive set of communities, supporting business owners and leaders to be the very best they can be and to build the best businesses possible. There are so many great businesses in St Albans and the surrounding district but many have been struggling during the pandemic. We recognise that they need support to thrive. Peer2Peer brings a very simple set of frames and formats to help business leaders build outstanding businesses.”

“Sue and The Businesses Community team have built something special in St Albans by developing tremendous engagement with their community of 5,500 businesses, helping them all to develop and grow. I saw an opportunity to help to make these businesses even stronger and more successful. The Peer2Peer Club is where Peer2Peer and TBC come together providing vital key support that local businesses will benefit from.”

Sue Wybrow adds:

“Having started my own business, Popdance, in 2009 I soon realised the massive benefits of a business community working together and supporting each other. So, in 2015 I set up The Businesses Community which supports businesses of all sizes and ages – from start ups to large multi million pound corporates. It’s all about building a supportive community and connecting people, bringing businesses in St Albans to the forefront and getting them seen, trusted and connected. Making #ShopLocal even easier – whether it’s for a loaf of bread, right through to building huge offices.”

“We’ve developed a business community of over 5,500 St Albans Businesses via the website, social media, events such as the Game Changer conference in 2019 and the hugely anticipated annual Woo Hoo Awards. We are connecting people who can work together or become clients. We realised the timing is perfect to take TBC to a whole new level and that’s why I chose to partner with Peer2Peer, bringing an exciting new element of helping businesses in this amazing city to learn, plan, grow and achieve their dreams.”

We are looking forward to implementing changes and exciting new ventures for our members – bringing them additional value as well as fantastic new opportunities for their businesses!

Exciting times ahead!