Herts Chamber announces successful Entrepreneur Foundation applicants

Posted on by Sarah Castleman of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Entrepreneurs are vital to business; individuals who have a vision, can inspire others to join them on their journey and drive the success of our local and national economy.

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce recognises this need and so launched the Entrepreneur Foundation at the start of September. The initiative has been designed to nurture and grow a new network of enterprising individuals, by offering a two-year initiative of guidance, training and support, supplied by the Founders, by Supporters and, of course, by the Chamber itself.

The Chamber were delighted by the number of high quality applications that they received, to the point that they have had to close applications early.

The Chamber would like to thank all those who applied and congratulate the successful applicants, a full list of whom can be found on the website.

On the morning of 20th October, all of the successful applicants came together via zoom to meet each other as well as all of the Entrepreneur Foundation Founders and Supporters, without whom the initiative could not go ahead.

Chief Executive at Herts Chamber, Briege Leahy, is herself an experienced entrepreneur, having set up and run her own company, Luna Logistics, for 8 years prior to joining the Chamber. Briege has been instrumental in bringing this initiative to the market and commented:
“I am absolutely delighted to launch the Entrepreneur Foundation and the Chamber looks forward to working with our selected group of talented new entrepreneurs, offering them training, support and mentoring to help ensure their companies thrive and grow in this challenging environment.

Thank you to our lifetime Founders and Supporter companies for their offering their services to the successful applicants.”