Hair Care Product Company Adapts Production For Hand Sanitisers

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After thirty years of making organic hair care products and now faced with the COVID19 crisis, Lymington based Herb UK Ltd have taken the step to help the local community, frontline NHS workers and secure work for 25 production-based staff by changing their manufacturing to hand sanitiser products.

Herb UK have teamed up with local Gin distillery, Conquer Gin and a well known Whiskey distillery to secure supply of Ethanol, a key ingredient of the hand sanitiser.

The products follow the WHO formulation and are NHS approved.

The first batch of over 100 bottles were donated to Lymington Hospital and Fire Brigade as well as a donation to Lymington Mid-Wife centre, which has been moved from the hospital to an off-site venue to protect the pregnant women using the service.

Herb UK intend to scale up production and providing the products for other local community businesses such as Care Homes as well as moving the products through their connections within the Pharmacy sector.

As part of the wider initiative, TBC (The Businesses Community) Members have access to the products for essential and frontline staff and can benefit from trade pricing. Case sizes apply. (Details below)

There is also a limited supply of 50ml sizes for personal use at (limited to 2 items per order).

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