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A message from our friends at The Hospice of St Francis:

Dear all

Gift a Git? Did you notice that I missed out an ‘f’?


You are right, but it’s not a mistake…the ‘f’ is for ‘fundraising’ and ‘film’. Please watch this short film and #GiftAGift this Christmas.

Time spent as a family is precious, especially at Christmas and even more so when a loved one is living with a life-limiting illness.

Help us to give more families the greatest gift of all this Christmas, including:

  • a welcome call from one of our Bereavement Support team
  • a Christmas present for the children in our care
  • a visit from our Community Nursing Team.

Find out more about what your donation can mean to those in our care by taking the time to watch our short film.

You, are our community and at the heart of what we do. We are here for you and because of you.

We love your support and we rely on it. This could be the most important gift you give this Christmas.

Donate today

Please help our patients and their families and #GiftAGift now.

Do get in touch – /

With best wishes

Carolyn & Claire
The Corporate Fundraising Team

Patrons of TBC St Albans