Free Mindfulness Experiment

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Free Mindfulness Experiment

Do you find yourself overthinking everything?

Are your stress levels constantly high?

Do you understand the benefits of mindfulness but can’t find the time?

Are you fed up with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Then join me, Sam Curtis, for a Free Mindfulness Experiment and get curious about how you uniquely can reduce stress and overwhelm, improve sleep and relationships and have greater resilience and focus within your busy schedule.

Hosted By Sam Curtis Coaching

Sam has always been behind the scenes helping others. It began supporting entrepreneurs in fast paced, diverse environments, and evolved into teaching business studies.

Often nicknamed ‘The oracle’ for her ability to see through and solve many problems, others would gravitate towards her for guidance. Therefore it’s no surprise that Sam naturally transitioned to finding her calling as a Life Coach.

Sam has an incredible gift for seeing things clearly and getting to the root of a problem. She takes large, complex ideas and eloquently translates them to clear, actionable steps forward.

If you’re confused about who you are, where you are going and how to get there, Sam is the coach for you. 

Sam holds qualifications in Life Coaching (L7 Diploma), Meditation, NLP and a degree in International Business.

As an actress in a previous life, Sam loves all things theatre. She also enjoys exploring nature with long walks followed by a pub lunch ideally with wine and her fiancé.

Simply put Sam offers practical, down-to-earth, real life coaching locally in St Albans and internationally.

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