February's TBC Challenge – Why You Luuurve Your Business

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So this year we have started monthly challenges for our TBC members.

It's an opportunity to get your business out there even more!

For people to find out more about you and your business.


As it's February – the month of Valentine's Day – we want to know why you luuuurve your business.


1. Simply tell us why you are so passionate about what you do via the News page of The Businesses Community St Albans's website.

2. Include a photo or logo and a link back to your website (which all helps with SEO for your site)

And we will do the rest. We will share via our large social media audience as well as via our very popular website.

It takes 2 minutes and will get your business in front of a large active and engaged audience.

If you are not yet a Get Out There member, give us a shout, as you can upgrade from Get Started.

If you are not yet a TBC member, find out more here about the incredible benefits of being part of a fantastic supportive business community – here to help your business get business!

We love all things marketing! And marketing is about consistency!

By taking part in the monthly TBC Challenges, you will be getting your business out there!