Eyes on Collaboration

Posted on by Ingrid Berment of Regali Gift Wrapping Ltd.

On the night of the TBC Woo Hoo Awards, I was introduced to Lawrence Levy. A few days later, I met him at the train station, we engaged in conversation about all things music (as in who’s attended the most amazing concerts EVER – Lawrence’s mum won that debate!) and on talking about my gift wrapping service, Lawrence says, “You need to speak to my brother, Jez.”… Fast forward to weeks later and Regali is proud to team up with Jez Levy of EYES on St Albans, in bringing his Enchroma clients a full “gift of colour” experience.

We worked with Jez to design and create a branded ribbon with a rainbow wrap so that these clients could have the colour spectrum at their fingertips to enjoy from the moment they put on their new specs.

This has been such an inspirational project, to share Jez’s passion for enabling others and going all out in order to do so. EYES on St Albans’ dedication to engaging local entrepreneurs and creating a formidable network around him is tremendously admirable and most importantly, the entire team is fun to work with.

We can help enhance your product and brand by adding that feel-good factor just like Jez has done for these clients, and we offer the best rates for The St Albans Businesses Community. We especially love Christmas where we take the stress out of gifts for clients, gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for nonna, gifts for nonno e tutti!