Everyone seems to know each other – will I feel like an outsider?

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To some, it may seem like many of us SABs are always together!

That we’ve been friends forever.

That we are always on facebook.

That we are always broadcasting.

That we seem to be everywhere.

That we look like we seem to know everything!


But we don’t! πŸ˜‰


Many of us first met “online”.

Tentatively, dipping a toe in the world of social media – wondering what the heck we were supposed to do with all this twitter, twotter, facebook mallarky.


Many of us have still never met “offline”.


But that’s the beauty of social media – it allows us to be social – and, if used in the right way, enables us to build relationships over time that become business relationships and also, for many of us, they turn into great friendships too.


I feel like I know many of you already, just even, as Phil Thompson posted the other day, a simple “Good Morning”, puts him front of mind and I know that he runs Thompsons Restaurant, but I’ve never met him.


I had a chat with Ali from Haiders today, again, I feel that we’ve already met as Ali shares many finance and accountancy tips for businesses with the group – it’s the consistency as well as the “getting involved”, “taking part”, “showing up”.


So, if you feel that we seem that we are besties, that we are a clicky group, or that you are worried about saying the wrong thing, or getting stuck in – really, do not worry – we are a friendly bunch – and we were just as nervous, apprehensive and unsure to begin with – and we didn’t know anyone – I remember the early days of the jelly when there were like 6 of us, 6 strangers in a boardroom at the Hot Office, Redbourn – but do you know what – those 6 are now my buddies – it wasn’t long before Melanie Wooding-Jones handed me the keys to her Black Taxi and told me to “knock myself out and get one off my bucket list” as I drove Clare Suttie and the gang down Redbourn High Street and back in my absolute element πŸ˜‰


Come on in – the water’s lovely and so are the people!


St Albans Businesses is all about support, collaboration, sharing your expertise and creating amazing relationships – we want you to be part of that!


See you at the next jelly – pop in for an hour or stay all day – you will be very, very welcome! Or say hi in the facebook group – even if it’s just that “hi”, or perhaps be brave and go for it like Matt Dawson of Inspire Music School who did his first ever facebook live broadcast today πŸ™‚ Go Matt!!!!



Sue and The St Albans Businesses Team