DigitalJen launches new kitchen table training courses

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The "12 weeks to make a difference in your business" event last week seemed the perfect opportunity for us to launch the next two kitchen table training courses in the DigitalJen range.

Having been running the Canva courses for over a year now and adding the Facebook and Social Media courses, we were asked to add a MailChimp one – and if SABs ask, we provide!

Feedback from the other courses was that people would really like to come for a 'Telling Your Story' session – especially as Jen talks so much about digital storytelling in her Facebook live posts.  The request was for sessions that cover all aspects of explaining what you do as a business – both in the digital arena (social media, blogging, your website, imagery etc) as well as more traditional means of marketing – leaflets, posters, mailshots etc.  As Jen is St Albans born and bred, she has many local contacts and her experience in the blogging world means that she can recommend various social influencers for businesses to observe, follow and perhaps engage with.

The kitchen table training courses are exactly what they say on the label – held around Jen's kitchen table in St Albans.  There will only ever be a maximum of 4 attendees (we can't fit any more round the table) and tea, coffee and homemade cake is provided at each course.  Every course is very hands on and informal – and although Jen has a plan for each session, she's the first to admit that the order in which we cover things varies every time as she adapts to what the attendees need for their skillset and business.

The autumn course dates are as follows:

Tuesday 17th October
9.30-11.30am: Mastering MailChimp
1-3pm: Telling Your Story

Thursday 19th October
9.30-11.30am: Let's Canva It!
1-3pm: Facebook for Business

Monday 13th November
9.30-11.30am: Making Social Media Work for Your Business
1-3pm: Let's Canva It!

Wednesday 15th November
9.30-11.30am: Telling Your Story
1-3pm: Mastering MailChimp


Jen is now also able to take the Telling Your Story course into businesses to run on-site sessions for a particular company or brand.  You can find out more by emailing her at

The MailChimp, Canva, Social Media and Facebook courses are £40 per person per session (if you're a full member of SABs keep an eye on your email for a discount code!) and the Telling Your Story session is £60 per person per session.  You can find full details of each course and book at