Changing my brand

Posted on by Joolz Joseph of The Virtual Marketeer (or is it....)

OOOH, I am so excited!   I have recently decided to launch a new Joolz Joseph brand for my email marketing training courses (coming soon online) and speaking opportunities!

At the same time, I am looking to partner with someone who offers Marketing Assistance under the Virtual Marketeer brand!


Having spoken to a number of people and realised people know me more than my brand, I was already thinking that my name would be best to launch online training courses under. One of Aarti's fabulous branding workshops helped clarify my thinking and my decision.

When I launched my biz, it was very much in response to the need to do something myself after feeling going back to work in London 5 days a week was unrealistic following the birth of my daughter. I was just pregnant again and felt that it would be too much. Fortunately, I was in a position to pick and choose a few select jobs over the next few years and they tended to be generic marketing projects, hence 'The Virtual Marketeer'.

Fast forward almost 10 years and I have an established customer base and reputation, am finally finding my feet as a business woman and keen to grow in a way I choose, rather than let things happen to me.  But VM is a part of my life, it's a good name and the website has some Google Juice I don't want to lose.   I have a potential partner offering various marketing assistance services which fit nicely under the name and as Joolz Joseph I'll have online courses available soon.

So with email marketing training courses already available in person and launching online soon I am also available for speaking on email marketing and relationship marketing.

EMail Marketing strategy and assistance I am still offering as part of the ongoing VM services.  Of course the popular Inspiration Injections – ideas and insights for anyone looking for Marketing Motivation.


Watch out for some additional services being added soon and a revamped website too!


Have a great day,