Boost Your Brand Challenge Week

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Aarti Parmar of AP Brand Communications is running a social media #BoostYourBrandChallenge next week, 8th – 12th July!! Which is going to be AMAZING for your business!
👉🏼Do you run a business?
👉🏼Struggle to share content on social media about your brand?
👉🏼Want to get more exposure for your brand?

This challenge will enable you to shout out about who you are as a brand, provide you with exposure for your business on social, and get people to connect with your brand. Whether you have just started or have been going for what feels like forever, small, medium, big (this time size really doesn’t matter) wherever you are in the world…It’s for you and it’s FREE!


This #BoostYourBrandChallenge is designed to help people in your feed understand who you truly are as a brand and gain a deeper connection.

A brand is everything you stand for, the ethos you live by through your purpose, values and vision, how you show up to the world, what drives and shapes your business now and for the future. Your brand defines and differentiates you and helps people decide why they should use you / engage with you.

In preparation for the challenge starting on Monday 8th July. Here are the different questions you will need to answer to boost your brand!

1. What does your business do?

2. What’s your brand purpose?

3. What are your 3 key brand values?

4. Why do your clients enjoy working with you?

5. What one thing could you do today to boost your brand for tomorrow?

Aarti will be posting a question every day with supporting text to probe some thoughts starting from Monday 8th July.

Simply answer the question each day on any of your preferred platform/s, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and REMEMBER to use the hashtag, #BoostYourBrandChallenge

Be as creative as you like with images, your brand identity, videos, text (if you get stuck for an image, screenshot the question of the day artwork and post that). Most importantly it’s for everyone to get to know your brand.

Looking forward to starting on Monday 8th July!


Connect with Aarti via one of the social platforms here:

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