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Posted on by Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised

Which Organising Service is Right For You? Virtual Organising Coaching Sessions

Virtual Organising Coaching Sessions are also very popular and enable me to support clients with their organisation regardless of their location.

Benefits of a virtual session

1. Cost effective
2. Organise in shorter focused sessions

How a Virtual Organising Coaching Session works.

Stage 1: Book a time with Blissfully Organised. You can select from a one hour coaching session or a two hour Home Organisation Audit (split into two x one hour sessions). Just specify which platform you would like to use i.e. Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype.

Stage 2: During the session. This is a confidential service when we can discuss your organisational goals and your key concerns. I can then make recommendations based on your specific circumstances to support you to organise, create effective routines, storage solutions and daily habits eliminate day to day chaos. Using the virtual platform you can easily show me a specific space or take me on a virtual tour of your home.

Stage 3: Independent Organising – I know that for many people feeling overwhelmed and getting started with their home organisation is the biggest step. During the virtual session I will break down how to organise a specific space into an easy step by step guide which you can then follow. I am there for additional guidance if you need support, accountability or motivation.

If you feel like a Virtual Organising Coaching session is right for you please contact me.

Tracy Ross
Professional Organiser