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Posted on by Tracy Ross of Blissfully Organised

Which Organising Service is Right For You? Home Organising Sessions.

Today I want to explain how a practical organising service works.

Organising Session

Often my clients know which area of their home they need support organising or need help with a specific theme such as paperwork organisation.

I offer these sessions both in-home or virtually. I work with you to practically organise an area, support you to set up organisational systems, optimise the use of your existing storage and make recommends for in storage organisation.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Book an organising session – Simply select if you would like a half day (4 hours) or full day (6 hours). You can also choose an in-home or virtual session.

Step 2. Before the session – You don’t need to do anything before the session. I will guide you through every step

Step 3. On the day – on the day we will start working on your selected area. When we are working together I create a safe, friendly and relaxed environment and will support you to make decisions and guide you what to do with the things that you no longer need. I follow up each session with one of my famous action lists. Nothing scary just a reminder of things that we have discussed and things to follow up on.

If you need practical support to organise your space I’d love to hear from you.

Tracy Ross
Professional Organiser