Big Change For The UK Telephony Network

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Big change on the horizon for the UK Telephone Network

Looking to plan for an all-digital future?

Here at VOIspeed we are keen to help our clients and other SMEs to prepare for the imminent change of UK telephony infrastructure from analogue to internet lines.

Therefore, we are running a 30-minute webinar on the 20th October at 12:30pm where you can learn from Giuseppe* (Director of VOIspeed) about:

  • what is happening to UK telecoms

  • important dates

  • how this will impact your business

  • the benefits of this change

Join us for the webinar and the Q&A session afterwards.

*The speaker is Giuseppe Venturini, Director or VOIspeed.  Giuseppe holds a Masters in Electronic Engineering and an MBA. More importantly here, he understands the whole network and provisioning of telecoms following 20+ years of managing the transfer of traditional phone systems for all sorts of businesses from rural micro-businesses to large call-centres.

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