bfa HSBC Community Hero Award

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Our very own, Jeremy Graham-Clare has been shortlisted for a bfa HSBC Community Hero Award! Woo Hoo!


Jeremy has helped over 260 of our local businesses through webinars and free coaching individual and group sessions in the first lockdown and now he has started again helping 30 business owners just yesterday!

All heroes will be featured on the awards evening, but the one with the most votes will be awarded the bfa HSBC community hero 2020!

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Jeremy Graham-Clare ActionCOACH St. Albans has been helping over 250 local businesses survive and thrive during the Covid19 pandemic. In the words of one client whose business has enjoyed tremendous financial success (half a million pounds profit, working only 2 days a week. In the last 3 weeks the company has made more profit than in the last 4 years)

“We met Jeremy just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and were very impressed with his business insight and knowledge. As a result of the pandemic our business had to close its doors and we were not sure if we would ever re-open. Jeremy immediately offered to advise and support us via weekly Zoom meetings. Jeremy helped turn this into a positive learning experience for us and he allayed any fears we had of re-opening again.

Before we met Jeremy our business was successful but not profitable. Having worked with Jeremy through Covid-19 we have been able to turn the business around which is amazing.

We were really struggling to carry on with the business before we met Jeremy. We have learned so much in the past three months which has permanently changed the way in which we will do things going forward.

I wish we had met Jeremy 4 years ago before we started the business. I would urge anyone struggling or starting out to work with Jeremy – it is an excellent investment and probably the best business decision we have ever made.”

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