Be a great Podcast Guest

Posted on by Susan Heaton-Wright of Superstar Communicator

Podcasting is becoming a very popular marketing activities for more businesses. Every week we see new podcasts being launched, which is wonderful. Podcasting is an effective way to demonstrate your expertise, credibility and reach a wider audience. But more importantly, there are more people in the United Kingdom listening to podcasts, and for your business, these could be potential clients.


I have been podcasting as Superstar Communicator since 2014 and this has been a powerful way to demonstrate the work I do, and has led to business opportunities. However, I procrastinated before starting my podcast: and I should mention that this was before podcasts became popular or mainstream in the United Kingdom. It was the technical side and the time implications that put me off committing to this. And I understand when some businesses, who are told “Have a podcast” – because it is the latest ‘shiny object’ for your business, resist starting a podcast. Podcasts are not for every business.


But, there is another way businesses and individuals could benefit from the podcast trend without launching a podcast. Podcasters NEED guests to interview and this could be you! There are huge advantages to being a guest;

It can raise your credibility
It could publicise your business
It could be used to share information about a service or product you offer
Publicising an event you are running
Even as part of a launch campaign


I regularly have guests on my podcast and it is great for me because I serve my listeners with interesting and inspirational content. I have a lot of requests to go onto my podcast, but most are not selected. I am sure I am missing some excellent guests, but the way they approach me doesn’t do them justice.

So I have created a complimentary Ebook with top tips on how to be a good Podcast guest, which include tips on  how to approach a podcaster and demonstrate they are a good fit for the podcast. Grab your tips here.