App usage soars during the global pandemic

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How Covid has increased the need for mobile solutions

Clearly, the world is different now… In less than 12 months our lives have changed forever and 2020 will go down in the history books as the year when things changed for us all.

And whilst this challenging time has brought so many negatives things for us all, there are many positives too.  Vaccines that would have historically taken 5-10 years to bring to market have been produced in record times.  Community spirit and looking out for others has boomed and business resilience has proved, for many, that new opportunities can flourish in adverse time.

And the market for ‘mobile app solutions‘ is no exception and has also seen an explosion too as lockdowns and social distancing has forced people online to use technology in areas where they’d never have considered this in the past.

Let’s take the example of two small businesses that we have worked with over the last few months.  One is a pub, the other a corporate caterer.  Both running successful businesses pre-Covid that obviously relied on bringing people together.  And so when lockdowns started, their businesses were clearly at risk.
But what has been refreshing about both is that they quickly pivoted their thinking to see how they could utilise technology to address some of the challenges they were facing.  Both quickly realised that leveraging technology and providing Smartphone App solutions for their customers could be the answer.  And in no time at all both were making sales by providing customers with an App where they could order food and drink for takeaway and delivery.

And that has been happening the world over and become the new ‘normal’ in so many businesses who are now leveraging technology and mobile solutions to further their businesses. And in many cases it’s the the key factor that has saved their skin and ensured their business remains viable in these challenging times.

And so what is our answer when people ask us ‘has Covid increased the need for mobile solutions’?  Of course, the answer is a big fat, 100% YES!  And therein lies the opportunity for so many providers of tech solutions too.

Make no mistake, mobile solutions are going to continue to see exponential growth over the next 12 months too and if your business is not already onboard (or looking to get on-board) you will clearly miss the boat.  Making mobile solutions central to your business strategy will provide you with the biggest opportunity for your business to grow this year.

And if you don’t?

Then my prediction is that your competitors will steam past you and leave you treading water wishing that you’d jumped aboard and not missed the ‘mobile app solutions‘ boat that is sailing off into the sunset without you!