Anyone for Golf? Amanda Brown shares her experience on the first St Albans Businesses Golf Morning

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It was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that four motley looking business owners stepped out onto the golf course at Batchwood this morning. The day had started clothed in dense fog but I don’t know whether it was our sunny dispositions or the beginning of some spring-like weather that meant by the time we were fortified with coffee that the sun came out as we began the first St Albans Businesses Golf

Fortunately Sue Wybrow, founder of Popdance ( had enlisted expert tuition from Mark Flitton, the golf professional and we were led out with our trollies onto the course. After a few minutes tuition, we teed off (yes – a technical expression!) and with varying amounts of success completed what was supposed to be a Par 3. For us beginners who wanted and needed as much practice as possible it was more like 9 than 3.

The foursome then continued onto two Par 5 holes where the flag (or pin as I now know it is called) was so far in the distance surrounded by hillocks and bunkers that we could hardly see it. Sarah of Hourglass Fitness and Peter, a local locksmith and bespoke carpenter joined Sue and myself and over the course of three holes made a bit of progress until the stares of a group of regulars meant we beat a swift retreat into the clubhouse for some well-earned refreshments and some business banter.

golf 2Thanks to Alana Bates and her team from 1Life, who manage the Batchwood Golf Course and Sports Centre (, for welcoming us. We hope to make it a quarterly event or maybe you would like to suggest your own favourite sport – tennis, squash, bowls or even fencing might just float your boat.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 16.20.17Plus the morning raised £28 for Home Start St Albans – every little helps!

Amanda Brown

Marketing Coach