5 Questions We Asked A St Albans Business – Kat’s Cuisine

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We love getting to know the people behind the businesses in this amazing city. We caught up with Kat of Kat’s Cuisine and asked her our famous 5 questions:


What prompted the start of the business, Kat’s Cuisine?

My life long wish of having my own food business grew from sadly being made redundant during the Covid-19 pandemic. What started of as a negative turned into a huge positive and my dream was born.


What does your business offer its customers?

The aim is to bring back the memories of fabulous holidays in the Far East through my authentic food. For those who haven’t travelled there, you get to enjoy the mouth-watering experience of my recipes in the comfort of your own home

I have worked particularly hard on my delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. Also my exquisite sauces which compliment the food.


What kind of customers do you work with? Are there any types of businesses you collaborate well with?

We have all sorts of customers who enjoy our delicious food. You have to try it – it’s delicious.


What’s the toughest part of running your business?

Toughest part is knowing where the next order is coming from, we are quite new so haven’t had too much trouble yet.


What piece of advice could you give to another business owners?

If you have a dream go for it. Even through tough times like we are facing now. It helps to have support from family and friends too.


Find out more or place your order for delicious food with Kat and the Team at www.katscuisine.co.uk

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