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Here at The Businesses Community St Albans, we like to get to know the people behind the businesses – to find out what inspires them and why they do what they do.

Emma Ellis of Amber Mountain Marketing takes up the 5 Questions We Asked A St Albans Business challenge:


1. What made you start your own business?

I set up my business as after children I realised I never wanted to work 12 hour days for a corporate company again. I wanted to see my kids grow up, stop making the corporate millionaires richer and start helping people just like me instead!

I now help parents on a similar journey to make more money and help their businesses grow!


2. What does your business offer it’s customers?

I have two strings to my bow.

I help bigger companies develop a marketing strategy and implement that strategy.

I also mentor small businesses on how they can implement marketing strategies themselves. Together we look at how you can get your name out there without spending a fortune, but also providing you with training and tools to become a mini marketer for your business.

There is nothing I love more than watching a business build through my support and the buzz my customers get when it happens.


3. What kind of customers are you looking for? Are there any types of businesses you’d like to collaborate with?

I would love to get involved with another recruitment company as I have had huge results with the current recruitment company I help.

I would also love to collaborate with HR Managers as I think internal marketing and staff morale are greatly connected.


4. What’s the toughest part of running your own business?

Juggling all the balls! There is so much to think about. I’ve quickly learnt to ask for help though. If you’re not an expert in something, don’t struggle for months trying to get your head around it, go ask an expert – it’s easier!


5. What piece of advice could you give to another business owner?

Build a network! As a business owner you can be on your own and that network keeps you sane, gives you support and helps you to build your business.

Always take time to help others and always be positive. If you have a positive attitude, believe in yourself, set and achieve goals and keep working toward your goals and dreams you will be a success, you just have to believe!


Emma Ellis

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