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We love to find out more about the amazing businesses in St Albans so we created “5 Questions We Asked A St Albans Business” – Penny Sophocieous at Corporate Alchemy takes up the challenge


What made you start your own business?

I’d held the idea of going out on my own for several years, especially when I was subject to bosses who, in my opinion, were ill-informed, biased and not very clever and who run their teams in an imperial and dogmatic manner. I always thought I could do better running my own business, rather than being constrained by corporate systems, and always felt I had a great many talents that needed to be utilised, especially in innovation and creativity.


What does your business offer its customers?

We offer highly intelligent experts that have a broad experience of business challenges, that understand people and their many faceted talents, styles and capabilities and the means to put solutions in place in their business that leverage their peoples’ skills. We are a people development business – ie we unleash the innate capabilities of senior people to make them strong, collaborative and focused leaders. We build their self-awareness, their confidence, their well-being and their skills so they perform at a higher level, delivering greater effectiveness and efficiency to the business.


What kind of customers are you looking for? Are there any types of businesses you’d like to collaborate with?

Our customers are senior legal or accounting professionals who wish to step up to Director or Partner level. Also, we work with Business Owners who want to expedite the growth of themselves and their business. I’m happy to collaborate with recruitment agencies or HR consultancies who focus on policies and basics and will allow us to focus on the L&D.


What’s the toughest part of running your own business?

Narrowing down everything we do to niches that people can understand they need and want. Having run my own business for 20 years and having helped so many different businesses with different challenges, it’s hard to narrow it down to a few.


What piece of advice could you give to another business owner?

Do what fires up your passion and as much as possible, just do that. Then find others who are passionate about the things that you’re not, and hire them to do those things.


Find out more about Penny and the services they offer at Corporate Alchemy – Working with Individuals: Transforming Organisations! at www.corpalc.com


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Penny has also written a book “Enlightened Leaders” – Reintroducing Human Principles into Business available via their website