3D Virtual Tour added £15k

Posted on by Jo 'Smiley' Hailey of Striking Places Photography

3D Virtual Tour added £15k to the price of my Dad’s house!

Excited to help my Dad sell his house, I went over last weekend to help him clean and tidy his house in Holland-on-Sea for its photoshoot. After we’d got everything looking clean and shiny I set to work.

I created the set of professional photographs that you can see in the gallery below. A 3D virtual tour and a walk-through video with the Estate Agents branding on it.

I am keen to help Dad sell his house so he can move to the seafront apartment he has his heart set on.

Dad delivered the links I sent him the next day to the Estate Agent who came back immediately to say how talented his daughter is (blush!) and promptly added FIFTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS £15,000 £15k to the asking price. Wow!

I didn’t see that coming!

It seems that having top notch professional photography makes a massive impact when you’re selling your property.

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