12 Weeks To Make A Difference To Your Business

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What a day!!

OMG! We absolutely LOVED it! And the feedback we are getting from both visitors and exhibitors alike is just fantastic!

Big, big thank you to everyone who took the time to email us, talk to us, post about us, tweet, insta and LI about the event – we really do appreciate it.

As you know, we value ALL feedback, it’s what helps us to make SAB/My Mustard events what they are, as well as you lovely lot, so thanks for all you do.

So, what was it all about?


Well, we wanted to put on an event that would give business owners the focus on making a difference to their business in the 12 week run up to Christmas. We knew that lots of people had been off, or juggling with family, over the summer holidays, and also knew that a difference could be made to businesses by Christmas.

We love accountability

We love collaboration

We love to write down our goals

We love to work out how we are going to achieve them

We love tools to help us do that

We love working with people who are fantastic at what they do

We love learning!


So what better way than to put all of that together in a package where we have inspiring, knowledgable and experienced speakers, exhibitors and visitors – sharing tips and ideas, networking, chatting, getting to know each other, giving us 12 tips of things to do that WILL make a difference in our businesses?

And how about a 12 week planner to plot it all on? Ta dah!

We loved the event and we hope you did to.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry, you can pick up one of the planners at Monir’s Village Workspace, or at one of the Jellies, or ping us an email




Big, mahooosive thanks to our partners, My Mustard – you guys rock!


And get 25th January 2018 in your diaries for the next one – which is called “Where Do You Want To Be In 2018?” Don’t miss out! Book your FREE ticket here










But don’t just take our word for it:



”I thought the 12 weeks event was excellent! Through SAB I have met many businesses, all of whom have become friends and some clients and all have offered me helpful information and even sought my advice!  The event was uplifting and it was amazing to meet the other business owners who came to speak to me as they had seen my FB Posts and were really supportive and interested.  From the event, I have had two new clients already and this has given me a boost to carry on as I have found being on my own quite overwhelming at times and I actually feel I work harder on my small business than I did when I worked for American Express in London with way less pay!!! The SAB Team have made me realise I am not alone and these events make juggling a business, a home and children more enjoyable and rewarding! Thank you!’’