Virtual workshops to support and reward your excellent staff

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 Prices from £497
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 Susan Heaton-Wright


Since March 2020 we have been working virtually and this method of working is here to stay. And this could be time to invest time in your teams to ensure they are working efficiently in a remote setting.

Your excellent teams still need to develop their skills and be supported. We deliver a range of virtual workshops on key communication and soft skills. These included our “Be Seen, Be Heard, Make an Impact VIRTUALLY” workshop; “Facilitating and participating in virtual meetings”; “Leading Teams Virtually”; “Women in Leadership” and “Resilience and coping in challenging times”.

Since March 2020 we have delivered over 120 virtual workshops to attendees all over the world with our CPD accredited virtual learning. The courses are very interactive with attendees actively participating in the learning experience. The workshop is supported with pre-learning and blended learning opportunities to increase the outcomes from the training. For more information and to arrange a chat, please go to