Pregnancy Refresher Classes

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 £10 off for any TBC member or to anyone recommended by a TBC member
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 Louise Brennan


A pregnancy refresher class is an antenatal class designed for those who already have children.

My refresher classes will always be:

– At a time and place to suit you – usually in the relaxed environment of your own home and around your childcare and other commitments
– Informal, informative and full of up to date, practical and pragmatic advice
– Focused on meeting your needs
– A safe and open environment for you to ask as many questions as you wish about the remainder of your pregnancy, the birth and the first few days after birth.

I recommend that you book your class (es) for when you’re 30-36 weeks pregnant and that you schedule them to ensure your birth partner can be there too. If you have more than one birth partner, they are welcome to join us!

The class will cover the following:

– a discussion about your previous delivery/deliveries
– basic anatomy and physiology
– all methods of pain relief to use during the first stage of labour, including hypnobirthing
– recap on how to recognise the signs of labour and when to go to hospital
– delivery of the baby and the placenta
– immediate post-delivery advice
– advice for the first seven days (and beyond!)
– infant feeding advice